BakeBox are trying to shake up the world of cake by posting delicious goodies straight to your cafe, office or letterbox.  In the competitive online world, they needed a brand that would deliver, just like their cakes.

BakeBox concept is simple and with aspirations to provide the best tasting cakes for both the wholesale market and individual customers the brand had to be flexible and adaptable.

The brand needed to encapsulate that simplicity and quality and communicate across the various media.  A mark was developed that houses to the word in a box to re-emphasise the concept.

The brand uses strong simple messaging that has real impact coupled with the strong mark.  We had some fantastic images from the team at Blue Sky Photography which made our job a lot easier.

As well as the brand work Bakebox asked us to develop a customer case study video that highlights the benefits of bakebox and the work they do.

This is one of our favourites, a really clean simple brand that works well across all applications.  It looks great across a whole host of applications and especially good on kraft packaging which will be one of the brand’s key interactions with customers.

If you’ve got a craving for some really good cake then head over to Bakebox and get something better than bills and junk mail through your letterbox.