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Artisans of Scotland

A fair price and a global shopfront

Celebrating Artisans

Artisans of Scotland’s vision is pretty special, they aim to celebrate Scotland and it’s artisans, really showcasing talent and heritage across Scotland and giving the makers a fair price.  That’s the kind of stuff we love at Daysix so it was great to get involved in putting a brand together for them.

The emphasis with Artisans of Scotland is on quality, pieces that are made with care and made well.  We worked to explore logo forms that would carry this message and a sense of Scotland landing on a celtic style emblem that offers a hugely flexible brand asset for Artisans of Scotland.  The mark is both simple and intricate at the same time, mimicking the heart of handmade and the care and attention that goes into creating some of the products they stock.  The Celtic style nods at Scotland’s heritage and history of art and creativity and the weaves duck and dive under each other to outline a St Andrew’s cross, the much recognised flag of Scotland.

This is a mark that we’re really fond of and it’s refined form is something that we think is a really lovely piece in itself.  The vision of Artisans of Scotland is one we can really get behind as Scotland is definitely something to be celebrated and we wish them, and their artisans, every success. If you’re looking for Scottish handmade quality products where the maker gets a fair share then Artisans of Scotland is where you should go.

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