Any CPR Beats No CPR

Every year over 3,500 people around Scotland are treated by the Ambulance Service after having a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately only around 1 in 20 people will survive.

Starting CPR saves lives… at least doubling the chances of survival.

Save a life for Scotland asked us to help them spread this message and help Scotland be CPR ready, training 500,000 Scots in CPR along the way.

Read on to see what 5 years of work achieved and how the work continues.


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I'll do it. Will you?

Research showed that often people were reluctant to do CPR even though they knew it might help. Myths were held by the public that bad CPR would be damaging or they’ll get into trouble if the do it wrong.

We developed a strong message of any CPR beats no CPR and through a number of training and public engagement events Save a Life Scotland  asked people to not only get trained but to make a pledge and say ‘I’ll do it’ if the situation presented itself.