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Spring is for fresh starts and new things. Do people still spring clean anymore? Is Spring still a fixed season, or are seasons flexible now too? What does it matter, hope is in the air and we’re going to use Spring as a neat segue into our newsletter about all things new.

We’ve had a time of new starts, new builds and a first that we’re excited to share with you so read on for the latest update on all things daysix.

New Place to Play

It’s not just kids that get playrooms.

During lockdown we were able to finish our film studio downstairs – and it’s become a brilliant space to create content. We’ve even given it a little brand of it’s own.

From interviews to gin recipes to Rube Goldberg machines to green screen to testing out new kit, it’s been tremendous fun to nip downstairs, hit record and create content fast.

Have a look at our studio reel and see what we’ve been up to!


Make it Happen Happened

Make It Happen was a new initiative launched in 2019. Our idea was to lend some of our creative time and skills to a business, charity, social enterprise who are trying to make a positive impact.

Our first winners were the brilliant Edinburgh School Uniform Bank and, after a Covid disrupted plan, we’re proud to present the film that we put together for them.

You can read the full story of this years Make it Happen here. We plan to launch Make It Happen again and soon! Watch this space and spread the word.


New teammates

We’ve grown and we feel like there’s some introductions to do. It’s been a strange time to start a new job so we’ve loads of respect for these guys who have embraced it, grabbed opportunities, asked lots of questions, pitched up to virtual lunches and Christmas quizzes and are now very much part of the team. Head to the team page to see our new faces as well as some old ones.

4 Lady Lawson Street,
Edinburgh EH3 9DS