Looking after those that look after us

One month into the UK lockdown and with a stretched health and social care service there was an important and immediate need for health and social care workers to be supported.

We were entrusted by Scottish Government to build a website that could act as a single source of information for those working in health and social care to get advice and guidance of dealing with the pandemic for both themselves and their teams.

Working with the incredible team at the Rivers Centre the hub was live within 5 weeks full of relevant content and support for a precious and stretched workforce.

Within the first 3 months the hub had over 50,000 visitors. It’s success means that 3 years on it has become a long-term part of Scottish Government’s wellbeing strategy and we continue to develop and communicate the wellbeing hub.


  • Brand
  • Print design
  • Website
  • Motion
  • Campaign

The Process

Where usually a site of this size would be give 4 or more months we had 4 weeks to develop an identity for the hub and build and launch a website.

Whilst we were still screwing the legs on our work from home desk, the team assembled to deliver the project. The experts at the Rivers centre brought an incredible depth of knowledge and empathy for our users to fast track our understanding of personas and an identity exercise was underway concurrently with web structure set up.

This was one that needed airtight Project Management and daily status calls kept the project moving at lightning pace.

Content was sourced from around the country with practical advice and info being written alongside morale boosting messages from Scottish celebrities. Our film team captured updates from ministers to frame the hub and a site emerged through the flurry of activity.

The Outcome

The National Wellbeing Hub served an immediate need in the Scottish Health and Social Care sector, receiving over 300,000 page visits immediately after launch.

It has become a cornerstone piece of support and communication for Scottish Government and continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of a unique workforce.

“Daysix have been great to work with over these past three years. They have approached both us and our project with no end of enthusiasm, professionalism, diligence, and patience. Everything we ask of them, whether it’s adding new features to our website, editing video or podcast content, or just trouble shooting minor tech glitches, is done quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard. Most importantly for us though, is that they truly understand the ethos underpinning what we do.”

Dr Graeme Gradison

Senior Clinical Digital Resource Specialist, The Rivers Centre