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An Assorted Pick


Studio six

It’s all a bit new

Spring is for fresh starts and new things. Do people still spring clean anymore? Is Spring still…
ESUB Make it happen

Make It Happen Happened

Make It Happen was a new initiative launched in 2019. The Edinburgh School Uniform Bank…

What did we really think of 2020?

We can't say it was a great year, but it wasn't all bad and there…

5 ways that Loom changes everything

Stu takes you through why he loves loom, so we don't have to listen anymore.

Video killed the radio star

Starting a new job in the middle of a global pandemic - who knew it’s…

Reflections of a project manager

Thoughts from James as he joins the team

Learning ATLS as a developer

A coder, a clinician and a lecturer. Not a joke, a deep dive into Trauma…

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